Remember the Children Memorial Project 2024

Artist-in-residence Cassandra Gunkel leads creative workshops

May through October 2024, Cassandra Gunkel will

be working with children to create a Remember the

Children Memorial. Through numerous workshops,

held in the Upper Burying Ground, the project will

engage children around gun violence. Using vari-

ous art processes, such as screen printing and book

making, children will create signs, posters, and small

books, expressing themselves through artmaking,

sharing, and exhibiting.

At the Upper Burying Ground children will create:

ing Ground art installation. Paper memorials, which will go home with children.

Events will take place on:

Second Saturdays (May-October); Juneteenth; July 4th; August 24th Back-to-School event; and October 5 in conjunction with the annual commemoration of the Battle of Germantown.